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SAA Group of Companies is a producer and exporter of frozen seafood, ready meal, and animal feed ingredients e.g. fishmeal, tapioca, tapioca starch, Thai yellow maize, grain protein, premix and other agricultural commodities. Our main product is frozen seafood since our group is a long-experienced shrimp farmer for over 30 years and has operated the cold storage and processing plant for 20 years.

We currently own 482 shrimp ponds in the southern Thailand. In the first half of 2008, we added another 365 ponds under ownership, plus about 1,200 ponds of contracted farmers who supply the quality fresh shrimp to us.

The customer satisfaction in our product is guaranteed by the constant color of shrimp after cooking. Measured by the Atlantic Salmon’s Color Scale, the color of our cooked Vannamei equals to level 26 out of 30, while Black Tiger equals to 29. With high traceability of raw material starting from shrimp feeding, farming, harvesting, cold storage and processing plant, our products become the most desirable among high purchasing power consumers.

Certificates and standards:

For farm:

GAP - Good Aquaculture Practice
COC - Code of Conduct
Organic – (in progress)

For plant:

GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice
HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
BAP - Best Aquaculture Practice (in progress)
IFS - International Food Standard (in progress)

Association membership:

Thai Frozen Foods Association no. 49
E.U. Approval no. 1106 and 1120
Thai Fishmeal Producer Association no. 237
Thai Tapioca Trading Association no. S356/2548
Thai Tapioca Starch Association no. A. 179/2549
Thai Yellow Maize Producer and Trading Association no. 705
Thai National Shipper’s Council (TNSC) no. 38
Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce

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